Alessandro is born and bred Tuscan, dividing his time between his home near Arcidosso and Chianti and, while his digital photographs span the length and breadth Tuscany, the majority of his photographic work pertains to the Monte Amiata region.

Since he was little he has been attracted to the secret lives of animals, though his love for photography is relatively more recent. After having discovered nature photography sites on the internet he was impressed with the range and the ability and decided to pursue further, teaching himself through trial, error and with the help of online tutorials. He acquired his first digital camera in 2007. Since then, his free time has been spent revelling in the joy of capturing images of nature in Southern Tuscany.

He says he is particularly passionate about our region as it remains relatively untouched and rich with diverse wildlife and flora, in a mountainous landscape that not only changes season to season but from one moment to another. It goes without saying, then, that Alessandro is a strong advocate for conservation of the environment. 

His photographic capabilities are wide, though his particular fascination for the craft lies in the macro studies of birds, insects and flowers of the region, and some of his avian images have been published in a magazine called Uccelli in Natura*. He has recently begun resubmitting his photographs to other publications competitions.

If you are interested in viewing the full range of Alessandro’s photographic talent, please drop in to his website www.alessandrolandi.com.

Likewise, you can send your enquiries using the contact formcontact form on his site, or via messenger on his Facebook Page.


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