Giorgio Giorgietti & Barbara Rivetti Rucellai


Giorgio didn’t start out as an artist and sculptor. After completing his national service he drove trucks for Esselunga before deciding to become a taxi driver in Firenze. And it’s lucky he did, because it was while he was driving that he met artist [and future wife] Barbara Rivetti Rucellai.

As children we all take our creativity for granted until from it either a life of art is fostered supported, or, unfortunately for some, discouraged and then it can be a source of self consciousness, and we may either hide it or discount it as frivolous. It was Barbara who helped Giorgio open the doors to his creative world as an adult. After he’d felt stirred by a detailed wooden sculpture he had seen in the window of a shop in Firenze, and discrediting the belief that he could ever be able to accomplish anything so precise, Barbara strongly encouraged him to try, and the mouse in relief [below] was born.

As well as his animals, he is very fond of heavy machinery, in particular earthmoving equipment and tractors, rendering them from metal before moving on to wood as his preferred material.

Giorgio has since retired from taxi driving and in 2006, after visiting the area in conjunction with Merigar and feeling a strong connection to the area, he and Barbara moved to a house in the woods close to Arcidosso. It had been their dream for some time to be in constant contact with nature. They are animal lovers and now dedicate their time to the rescue and raising of wild injured or orphaned animals at their home.

Aside from being a sculptor, Giorgio has also written a book recounting the tales and adventures of his time as a nighttime taxi driver. It’s titled Taxi di Notte Milano 13 and is a laugh-out-loud window into an eye-opening world. Hats off to nighttime drivers.

At this point in time Giorgio don’t have a website but if you would like to contact them please do so using the form found under 'Contatti'.

*photographs and artworks © Giorgio and Barbara

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