Luca Serafini is a self-taught artist who lives in Arcidosso.
His creative philosophy is one that reflects the freedom of the fleeting moment of the senses, a meditation, per say, in which he doesn’t overthink the creative process. Rather, he paints from a place of immediacy, spontaneity and enjoyment.

He also surfs and draws a contemplative and meditative parallel between surfing and painting.

From school age, Luca always drew or painted, making little political cartoons, and later he delved into the world of sculpture. With study, work and family commitments he stopped making art for a while until relatively recently, when he picked up his children’s coloured pencils and began to draw again. Since then he’s been unstoppable.

Without being preoccupied with artistic rules or the correct placement of line, Luca chooses that “primary need to follow instinct” over perfection. He uses colour freely and a range of materials and mediums to capture a the transience of a moment in his stream of creative inspiration.

Many of his works show ethereal aspects of the towns and countryside surrounding his home on Monte Amiata, as well asdepicting an essence of local personalities of the area. Sometimes they may be a creative reaction to inspiration after having visited the exhibition of another artist.

Or they may represent an abstract interpretation of what is happening in the world as a whole.

His art is joyful and often humorous contemplation. In a most poetic statement of his creative practice Luca terms his need to make art as “a small, innocent allergic reaction to the system.”

You can find more of Luca’s art on Instagram.



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*Photographs and artwork © Luca Serafini