A passion for restoring and re-employing the traditional tools and techniques of his trade hallmark the work and art of carpenter Neil Adams.

Neil was born in London and works from his private workshop in Castel Del Piano. As a young man he studied carpentry at school and had further initial practical work experience helping out his father.

His first work experience in Putney was in the restoration of furniture and window frames, and here he began to discover a universe of old fashioned hand tools used in traditional carpentry. This passion for the old instruments of his trade follows through to how he creates his works today. He utilises traditional methods using the tools he himself has searched out at auctions and flea markets, and these he refurbishes by hand. He drily suggests his passion could be folly, though in fact the tools themselves are remarkable works of art.

Much of the wood Neil works comes from  Monte Amiata, and while his bread and butter work is the manufacture and restoration of furniture, building artisan kitchens and household fixture, his love lies also in the creation of artistic functional pieces of absolute beauty, testimony to his craft.

Neil plans to teach artisanal woodworking classes in Castel del Piano on beautiful Monte Amiata, starting from September 2017. If you, or someone you know, are interested in participating please contact him for further information using the form below.

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