I Lobe You Bijoux Artiginale is Silvia Filoni’s shop in Arcidosso, which exhibits the work of various artisans, artists, jewellery makers, knitters, glass sculptors and all-round creative people who call Monte Amiata home.

Silvia’s philosophy is that the true artisans and creators from the region should have a local space in which to exhibit, and she has created just that: “La Vetrina Degli Artisti” – The Artists’ Showcase. When you buy from her you’re not only purchasing a one-off piece and supporting an artist who believes in what they do, you’re also supporting crafts that are important to our region and the continuation of tradition and culture.

Silvia is passionate about what she provides for both for artisan and purveyor alike and she promotes a space that is a slow-makers haven in a throwaway society.

let’s not forget that Silvia Filoni is a talented jewellery maker herself. The materials she uses include hammered aluminium and steel wire, precious and semi precious stones, and precious metal clay. Her wrapped jewellery works are intricate and precise. You can follow Silvia’s blog here.

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*Photographs © Silvia Filoni.