Another self-taught painter, using oils and acrylics, Stefano often paints late into the night after business hours. He says he loves the process and how the soul connects with the canvas; it fulfils him to paint each evening until that desire is sated.

His style eludes confines, instead it meanders from painting to painting according to the point in his process of personal and artistic experience: everything from abstract impressionism and expressionism through to vividly detailed surrealism. In March and April 2016 he held an exhibition of a selection of his surrealistic works at Osteria Novecento in Bagnoli.

His subject matter also varies, though a particular recurring theme is one of “village in a landscape”, be it in realistic depictions or storybook illustrations of Arcidosso, or else as fragmented otherworldly villages floating in the air, growing from steep terrain, or encroached upon by voluminous non-terrestrial forests.

Whatever his subject matter, his paintings revel in colour and shocks of light, and defy everyday physics.

Stefano and fellow artist Domi Saccardi worked together in the framing shop Cornici O Cornici in Arcidosso before Stefano took over the business some years ago.

You’ll find the shop in Corso Toscana, 74, Arcidosso. Stefano doesn’t yet have a website but if you’d like to contact him, drop me a line in the contact form below and I can pass on your message on to him.

Profilo in Italiano in arrivo


Photos by Stefano Pifferi & Alison Boyd.